It’s lofty, it’s lace weight, it’s Urth Bonmoher! Urth’s first entry into both the lace yarn and mohair yarn categories has proven to be a hit. If you haven’t yet caught on to mohair yarn, it is yarn that is made from the hair of the Angora goat. It is softer and shinier than wool from sheep, it resists felting and creasing, and it is fluffy! If this sounds exciting, but you’re not sure what to make with it, fret not. We have ten great Urth Bonmoher patterns for you!

Urth Bonmoher Knitting Patterns

Ghost Whisperer by Park Williams

The Ghost Whisperer

The Ghost Whisperer knitting pattern by Park Williams is a pattern we recommended back in 2021. We are recommending it again because it is a great pattern, its puffy elbow-length sleeves are still on trend, and its cropped length even more so now than it was then. It is size inclusive with a bust up to 167.5cm.

Cloudbow dress and shirt by Reed Keyes. One model wears a long striped dress in an ethereal fibre. The other wears a top in a design similar to the dress.


If you got Pom Pom Quarterly issue 40, you’re familiar with the Cloudbow knitting pattern by Reed Keyes. If not, you can now buy this gorgeous pattern as a standalone! It is a modular pattern with many options. It can be a pullover with a peplum or a dress, and there are options to make the peplum narrower or fuller. The puff sleeves can be elbow length, three-quarter length, or wrist length, and there are ways to make the sleeves even wider than in the photo. It is also very size-inclusive with a bust up to 172.5cm. 

Knitting Patterns for Urth Bonmoher and a Second Yarn

Many knitting patterns pair mohair yarn with a second, often somewhat heavier yarn for interesting effects. Here are some of our favourites.

The Tufa Cowl. Model wears a beige cowl in an intricate lace stitch. This is an Urth Bonmoher pattern specifically designed for the yarn.

The Tufa Cowl

The Tufa Cowl, designed by Catherine Salter Bayar for Urth, uses a stitch pattern designed to emulate the variety of limestone from which it gets its name. In this case Bonmoher is paired with Urth 16 Fingering

Love Note lace yoke sweater by Tin Can Knits

Love Note Sweater

We’ve recommended the Love Note lace yoke sweater knitting pattern by Tin Can Knits several times in the past — but if you haven’t picked it up before, maybe now is the time! It is one of the most popular lace yoke sweaters to make. It’s a great pattern for people getting started with lace yoke knitting, because Tin Can Knits has provided many tutorials to help you create it. It’s also very size inclusive. In this case, we would pair Bonmoher with Broadway NZ Baby Merino for a more economical, yet still beautiful, sweater.

Diaphanous Raglan Sweater by Jesse Maed Designs

Diaphanous Raglan

Another favourite pattern of ours that is great for Bonmoher is Jessie Maed Design’s Diaphanous Raglan sweater knitting pattern. This has a beautiful balloon sleeve, or a short flutter sleeve option if you’re knitting it for summer. It’s also size inclusive, with a bust up to 158cm. For this project, Urth 16 Fingering will give you a perfect colour match when doubled with Urth Bonmoher.

Elton Pullover. A model wears a striped pullover crew neck sweater. The stripes alternate between a cream yarn and a speckled yarn.

Elton Pullover

Joji Locatelli’s Elton Pullover alternates lace weight yarn (such as Bonmoher) with fingering weight yarn (pair with Urth 16 Fingering for a perfect colour match) to create stripes that are based on weight and texture rather than colour. Although clearly, you could make this with contrasting colours too! This pattern is possibly the most size inclusive on the list, going up to a 200cm bust. We recommended her Elton Cardigan back in 2021, and if you purchased that pattern, you can get half off the Elton Pullover!

Mohair Spice Shawl. A bald man with a beard stares at the ceiling with a smile. Around his neck is wrapped a striped shawl with scalloped edges.

Mohair Spice Shawl

Unsurprisingly, Stephen West has a great mohair shawl pattern perfect for Bonmohair. The Mohair Spice Shawl combines one colour of the mohair yarn with four colours of a fingering yarn (we’d suggest Urth Harvest Fingering) to make its beautiful stripes. While the stitches are simple, they change up enough to keep the interest of even an advanced knitter the whole way through. The pattern creates a shawl that has a 221cm wingspan and is 140cm at its widest point, with options for enlarging it. 

Crochet Patterns for Urth Bonmoher

Airy Shells Scarf. Photo shows an intricate blue crochet lacework scarf around a model's neck

Airy Shells Scarf

The free Airy Shells Scarf crochet pattern by Deborah E. Berger is elegant, warm, light and works up so quickly you may want to make several as holiday gifts for friends! It uses chain, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet.

Mohair Mesh Dress by Caroline Zuschlag. A blond woman stands in a laundromat. She is wearing a blue and gold mesh dress over a black camisole top, leggings and combat boots.

Mohair Mesh Dress

The Mohair Mesh Dress crochet pattern by Caroline Zuschlag incudes a video tutorial, and can be a dress, a shirt or a bolero. You can truly customize it to fit you, as it’s made to measure. It uses treble crochet throughout, so the techniques are simple, and it can be a good way to get used to working with mohair. Wear it as a beach cover up or, as seen here, at the laundromat!

Electra Wrap. Photo is closeup of intricate lace lover's knot crochet work in blue lace weight yarn.

Electra Wrap

The Electra Wrap crochet pattern by Designing Vashti uses an unusual take on the lover’s knot stitch to create an optical illusion. This challenging pattern uses two strands of Bonmoher held together. It comes with a stitch diagram, which clarifies the uncommon stitch pattern. You will learn a lot with this pattern, including how to crochet love knots, how to reinforce joining knots for this type of lace patterns, how to finish edges with picot love knots, and how to use sometimes tricky yarns!

Disclaimer: We do not test every pattern that we list. (We wish we could but we have a yarn shop to run!) We do a lot of research to see if patterns are well reviewed and seem well written. But it is possible that something will slip by us. We hope you love these patterns and let us know if they do not meet your expectations!

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