Unwind and Knit With Me | Silicone Stitch Holders

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Do you need to put some stitches on hold, or maybe put them on a longer cable to try an item on? Annoyed with how fiddly it is to thread them on to waste yarn? These silcone stitch holders may be just what you are looking for. To use, insert the tip of one of your needles into the end of the silicone tubing and wiggle it in until it is nice and snug. Then slide your stitches from your needle onto the silicon tubing. When the time comes, you can reverse the process to return them to the needle.

  • The small set suits needles from 2 mm to 4 mm, and comes with 3 holders – 2 x 1.5 metre and 2 x 1 metre, in a reusable aluminum tin. You may want to cut one of the 1.5 metre ones in half.
  • The large set suits needles from 4 mm to 6.5 mm, and comes with three holders, 1 x 1.5 and 1 x 0.75 metre, in a reusable aluminium tin.

1.5 metre holders are great for the body of a garment and the 0.75 metre cables are ideal for sleeves or small circumference projects.

Colours may vary from pictured.


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