Safety Eyes | Coloured Iris

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These adorable Coloured Iris safety eyes are just the finishing touch for your amigurimi, toy, or even blankets, cushions and hats! And so much easier than embroidering a face! Featuring a brightly coloured iris to really bring your face to life.

These eyes are domes, and come in pairs. Each safety eye has a matching washer to go behind your fabric and secure the eye in place.

We do not recommend coloured iris safety eyes for toys for under 3 year olds, or any child that is still keen to chew on their toys.

We also have Black Dome safety eyes and Round Cartoon safety eyes if you would like to go for a different look. Need more supplies to make crochet critters? We have an entire amigurumi section with everything you need to make them, as well as all kinds of pattern books that will give you new ideas for what to make!


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