Lykke | Cypra Copper Interchangeable Needle Set – 5 inch

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These Lykke Cypra Copper needles are made from copper and are strong, smooth, and light – as well as absolutely stunning! They are Lykke’s first metal needle collection, and they are so popular they sell out the moment we get them in stock. Polish them to keep them glowing, or let them develop their natural patina – which won’t stain your knitting.

Each needle tip has both imperial and metric measurements stamped on them, so no matter what measurements you’re using you’ll always be able to find the right tip. They’re both smooth and a bit grippy, and as you knit you’ll find the needles become warm from your hands.

This Cypra Copper needle set also uses the new clear Lykke cables, which make it seem like your knitting is floating in thin air. The cords swivel in the joint, so you don’t have to worry that you will accidentally unscrew your cord or get it tangled.

These Cypra Copper sets come with everything you need:

  • beautiful custom wallet in vegan suede
  • 12 sets of copper needle tips in sizes from
    • 3.25 mm
    • 3.5 mm
    • 3.75 mm
    • 4.00 mm
    • 4.5 mm
    • 5 mm
    • 5.5 mm
    • 6 mm
    • 6.5 mm
    • 8 mm
    • 9 mm
    • 10 mm
  • 5 swivel cables in clear
    • 60 cm (x 2)
    • 80 cm (x 2)
    • 100 cm
  • accessories
    • cable connectors (x 2)
    • cable stoppers (x 8)
    • cable keys (x 4)

And you can join these needles to your Knitpro cables as well!

Lykke is the brand of needles and hooks taking the world by storm and we are delighted to add them to our range! If you want a wooden set of needles, take a look at the Lykke Interchangeable Needle Set – 5 inch.


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