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Issue 21, Summer 2024 – Harvest Sun

This stunning summer issue, Harvest Sun, has 11 new, delightful summer knits perfect for a balmy summer day in the countryside amidst blooming gardens and golden, sun-drenched fields – but you could also later them for cooler seasons. The design are both beautiful and practical, with interesting techniques, textures, and colourwork, and the magazine is filled with gorgeous photos of that will have you eagerly looking forward to summer returning to our southern hemisphere shores. 

Issue 21 includes:

  • 11 knitting patterns (both charts and written instructions provided): 4 sweaters, 2 cardigans, 2 tops, 2 shawls and 1 pair of socks
  • An interview with Kendall Ross (@id.knit.that), who has turned her knitting into a unique art form. Kendall’s wearable art pieces draw inspiration from her experiences as a young American woman
  • An article about the Irish knitting education initiative Wool in School, which is committed to increasing awareness of wool and teaching children to fall in love with knitting
  • Jeanette Sloan’s column Fibre Talk, where she chats with April Tang, the co-founder of Shangdrok, a Taiwanese/Tibetan company specialising in traditional hand-spun yarn and handmade felt
  • Five Ways by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro, where we learn about the not-so-hidden power of colours and how to use them in our knitting projects
  • Where I Knit: A regular piece that pictures people knitting in their favourite spot. In this issue, we meet Emilia Bergoglio, who knits in the park of a shrine near their home in Tokyo, Japan
  • Seasonal recipes to inspire your summer cooking
  • Book reviews

Designers featured in this issue are: Fiona Alice, Jenny Ansah, Audrey Borrego, Soraya García, Kaori Katsurada, Irene Lin, Faïza Mebazaa, Paula Pereira, Julia Wilkens and Griselda Zárate.

Printed in Estonia
124 pages, softcover
Print only. No digital download code available.


Issue 20, Spring 2024 – Waterways 

This delightful spring issue, Waterways, is inspired by changing seasons – when you want to explore the outdoors but still need that extra layer to keep you warm. The photos were taken in Suomenlinna: an inhabited sea fortress in the Baltic Sea, just in front of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. They depict a lazy day spent by the sea — you can almost smell the salty air and feel the soft breeze in your hair!

Issue 20 includes:

  • 10 knitting patterns perfect for spring: five sweaters, one cardigan, one tee, two shawls and one pair of socks.
  • An interview with Afro-Finnish knitwear designer Jenny Ansah who wants to bring a stronger sense of community to the world of handicrafts. “Knitting belongs to everybody,” Jenny says.
  • A discussion with experts about how artificial intelligence might change the world of knitting
  • A conversation between Jeanette Sloan and Maria Zeb Benjamin, the co-founder of The Wool Library: a grassroots organisation that celebrates and promotes British wool.
  • Slow Sunday brunch recipes, including scrumptious buttermilk scones, rhubarb strawberry compote and grapefruit brûlée.

The designers featured in this issue are Rebecca Clow, Lily Kate France, Eliza Hinkes, Susanna Kaartinen, Marzena Kołaczek, Marion Mursic, Joey Poh, Olga Putano, Qing Studio and Thea Vesterby.

This issue also reveals the results of our first-ever Laine Knitting Survey, with 4,433 responses from knitters from all over the world. Read what knitting looks like in the 2020s and how knitters hope to see it evolve! We found out, for example, that 62% of you are process knitters, that 38% use knitting apps and that the majority prefer long circulars over DPNs!

Printed in Estonia.
Print only. No digital download code available.


Issue 19, Autumn 2023 – Kaolinite

Laine 19, Kaolinite, is named after a type of clay, and celebrates the meditative nature of crafts. The beautiful, serene photos were taken in a ceramics studio, and the patterns offer a relaxing break from the everyday.

Issue 19 includes:

  • 11 knitting patterns, including including four sweaters, one cardigan, two vests, one skirt, one shawl, one hat and one pair of socks.
  • A story about Japanese embroidery artist Tomomi Mimura who creates creates fun animal characters that have charmed crafters around the world. She makes use of an old technique in a new and innovative way.
  • An interview with Pony Jacobsen about the work of an American sheep shearer. Sheep shearing is a declining profession in the USA and Pony is one of around 300 professional shearers left in the USA to take care of more than 5 million sheep.
  • Advice from brain researcher Minna Huotilainen about what kind of skills knitters should practice to increase their brain health.
  • Jeanette Sloan’s Fibre Talk: a regular article on Jeanette chatting with interesting people. In this issue, she meets the Mayan Kaqchikel fibre artist and writer Sari Monroy – known as Blue Weaver – who draws on her heritage when exploring the traditions of Mayan weaving and teaching the natural dye practices of her Mesoamerican ancestors.
  • Recipe for Finnish classic recipe, whisked berry porridge, a true comfort food — the kind your grandma might have made you with lingonberries she had picked herself

Designers featured in this issue: Alexandra Atepaeva, Jennifer Brou, Maxim Cyr, Ronja Hakalehto, Helga Isager, Pauliina Leisti, Agata Mackiewicz, Yukie Onodera, Marie Régnier, Jacqueline van Dillen and Veera Välimäki.

Printed in Estonia.
Print only. No digital download code available.


Issue 13, Spring 2022, Usnea

Issue 13 of the ever popular Laine magazine,  is gracing our shelves and is ready to grace yours. In this issue, Usnea, designers showcase gender-neutral designs that work as the foundation for any wardrobe. The 11 designs featured in this winter collection are classic, long-lasting and versatile; ones that could be borrowed from your spouse’s, friend’s or parent’s closet – or shared with them from yours. Wrap yourself in comfort and style this winter.

This issue includes:

  • 148 pages
  • 10 knitting patterns & 1 crochet pattern, beautifully photographed and illustrated
  • an interview with Danish knitwear designer Lærke Bagger
  • an article about June Cashmere
  • an article about ChiaoGoo
  • an article about the importance of crafting and creativity by our regular writer Päivi Kankaro
  • seasonal recipes
  • book reviews
  • Laine Favourites section.

Designers featured in this issue are: Susan Chin, Susan Crawford, Sidsel Grau Petersen, Midori Hirose, Susanna Kaartinen, Inyoung Kim, Hanna Maciejewska, Mariya Matveeva, Paula Pereira, Maiju Räsänen and Griselda Zárate.

Print only. No digital download code available.

You can see the full list of patterns available in each issue here:

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Issue 21, Issue 20, Issue 19, Issue 13


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