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Love the Kylie and the Machine labels but overwhelmed by choices? Or wish you didn’t have to get 10 the same? Or just like surprises? Then our in-house mystery packs might be just what you need! We choose from a selection of our favourite designs, crack them open, and mix them up!

Why We Love Kylie and the Machine Mystery Packs

Labels from Kylie and the Machine are clever, quirky, fun, and a great finishing touch to really make your mark on your project. They are machine washable, long lasting, and embroidered so they don’t rub off or fade.

You will get 10 sew-in labels in a little baggie, each one different, but no sweary ones or names, we promise! There will be a mix of centre fold, end fold, and cut labels, depending on the selection. Because we assemble these in-house, there is no branded KATM packaging, but if you have any questions about your labels, let us know and we are happy to help! 

How to Use Kylie and the Machine Mystery Packs

End fold labels are easy to use. You can top stitch each end or all around the label to affix it to your garment. You can go the traditional route by sewing it to the inside of a collar, scarf or blanket, or you can stitch it to a spot where it will be visible to anyone who looks.

These centre fold labels are meant to be sewn in at a seam. The raw edges are sewn into the seam so they can’t be seen. Some people stack these onto an end-fold label to make their labeling even more unique. Other people attach them at hems or cuffs because they want the label to be seen. If you’re attaching it at a hem or cuff, you can fold the raw edge under and then use a straight stitch across the top to secure it to your garment.

About Kylie and the Machine

Kylie and the Machine create labels for handmade clothing that say the things we feel in our hearts. Whether it’s swearing as we work through the frustrating bits, or the love we feel for the people we make it for, each label is a perfect expression of the creative process. Fans of these labels laud them not just for the funny statements, but also for the high quality of their manufacture.

Brand: Kylie and the Machine
Size: Assorted
Style: Assorted
Colours: Assorted
 10 labels


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