HiyaHiya | Steel Tips Flyers Set for Circular Knitting

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Want to do small-circumference knitting like sleeves or socks, but not liking your current choices? Try HiyaHiya’s Steel Tips Flyers Set, which combines the benefits of DPNs with those of circular needles. If you hate magic loop, DPNs and mini circulars, here is a new approach to small-circumference projects that might just solve your knitting woes.

This Steel Tips Flyers Set contains three short needles with cables in the middle. To knit, use two of the needles to hold the stitches of your sock. Knit your project with the third. This bringing you the best of DPNs but with fewer transitions, and less points to drop stitches off. Because there are less transitions, knitting with the HiyaHiya Flyers is quick and smooth in comparison to other needles. Your knitting will fly! And your dropped stitches will become a thing of the past. You’ll never have to deal with ladders again!

HiyaHiya teams the flexible cables and seamless joins with high quality stainless-steel tips to offer strength. They have a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel. These tips are gently tapered, perfect for most knitting.

For those who prefer a pointier tip, check out the HiyaHiya Sharp Tips Flyers Set!


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