Hiyahiya | Guitar Rainbow Scissors

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The tools you use should be just as beautiful as the items you are making, while being functional as well! So tuck these beautiful guitar rainbow scissors into your notions pouch to bring beauty to your snipping.

Knitters and crocheters rock out too! If you’ve ever considered yarnbombing a Stratocaster, then take a look at this baby. This pair of scissors is the perfect accessory if you plan to compete in Finland’s next Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. They’re 11.5 centimeters of pure rock-and-roll guitar rainbow scissors sexiness. These shiny, sparkly scissors won’t get lost in your yarn kit – they’re simply too flashy to be overlooked!

Not a guitar aficionado? Perhaps you’d prefer the Unicorn Rainbow Scissors, Butterfly Rainbow Scissors or Art Deco Rainbow Scissors.


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