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If you sew together knitted garments, or want to darn your ends in, you need yarn darning needles! These Darn It yarn darning needles from Hiyahiya are lightweight and have a handy crooked point for easier darning. Made from coloured aluminium, these needles come as a pack of three assorted colours.

If you’re a beginner to knitting or crochet and you’re wondering why all those loose ends don’t show on other people’s projects, yarn darning needles are the answer. Use these specially designed needles to weave those loose ends in so they don’t show. The tips are more blunt than sewing needles so that you go between stitches rather than sliding through individual strands of yarn. The tip is bent so that you can use a more ergonomic side-to-side motion as you thread the stitches. They’re great for weaving the toe on socks and stitching together pieces of knitted garments, too!

You might also know darning needles as tapestry needles, but the function is the same. The angled tip makes it easy to lift stitches without deforming them. The large eye makes it easy to thread even chunky yarn. Every project needs a darning needle and these will make darning an absolute pleasure.


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