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Hiyahiya light bulb stitch markers feature a rounded end so they won’t snag on your knitting or crochet project. These locking stitch markers will become your best friend!

There are so many ways that stitch markers can make your knitting or crocheting easier. With them, you’ll never lose count or lose your place again! Okay, well, you might…but you’ll have far fewer stitches to rip out when you do.

Here are just a few scenarios where you might use these light bulb stitch markers:

  1. Mark your pattern repeats!
  2. Mark the beginning of a round!
  3. Mark your stitch counts! (If you lose track you only have to rip stitches back to the last marker.)
  4. Mark a change in stitch!
  5. Mark the beginning of a cable stitch!
  6. Keep track of row increases and decreases!
  7. Keep track of colour changes!
  8. Hold the pieces of your project together while you seam them!
  9. Hold a dropped stitch so you can weave it back in!

Locking stitch markers like these are especially great because you can reposition them whenever you want. They are also ideal for crochet, where stitches are not held on a needle or cable.

If you want a non-locking style, try these popular Hiyahiya yarn ball stitch markers.


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