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Needing to liberate your needles and still keep your stitches secure on a HiyaHiya interchangeable cable?  Bead Cable Stoppers are compatible with HiyaHiya small cables of all lengths, making them the perfect solution. When they are screwed into the ends of your cable, you can feel certain your hard work is safe.

These Bead Cable Stoppers come in Small and Large to match the size of the thread on your needles – Small is 2.75 mm – to 5 mm, and Large is 5.5 mm and above. These glass bead cable stoppers are large enough to keep your stitches from slipping off but still small and lightweight. They won’t weigh you down.

Wondering how to remember the needle size used? Check out the Knit Pro needle ID tags. (Note: these beads are not compatible with KnitPro cables.)

Note: there is variation between beads; the ones you receive may not be identical to the ones pictured. Colour is chosen at random from the assortment of shades that HiyaHiya sends to us. Please let us know in your checkout notes if you have any preferences. We will do our best to accommodate them!

If you need HiyaHiya cable stoppers and want something adorable rather than elegant, try the HiyaHiya Panda Cable Stoppers!


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