Beth Wolfensberg Singer | When Bad Things Happen To Good Crocheters

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Whether you call her the crochet guru, call her your own personal crochet fairy godmother, or are just calling for crochet emergency help, author Beth Wolfensberger-Singer is here to save the day! Whether the dilemma is uneven edges, wonky corners, too-tight stitches, dealing with yarn ends or a forgotten increase, Beth offers level-headed advice on what to fix, how to fix it and when you can just fudge it. Also included are six original crochet designs – so readers can test drive their new-found crocheting expertise.

This is a unique and brilliant book, with diagrams, explanations, and developing an understanding of crochet that will have your back in tricky situations. Suitable for beginners, and experienced crocheters shouldn’t be surprised to still learn a thing or three.


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