• Wool and the Gang | Alpachino Merino | Bubblegum Pink Wool

    Wool and the Gang | Alpachino Merino Yarn

    NZ$32.00 inc GST
    19 variations

    Wool and the Gang describes Alpachino Merino yarn as “softer than a bunny wrapped in candyfloss.” You could try wrapping a bunny in candyfloss to find out how it feels, but we think both you and the bunny will be happier if you just buy some of this yarn instead. Alpachino Merino yarn brings together…

  • Wool and the Gang | Feeling Good | Curasao Blue

    Wool and the Gang | Feeling Good Yarn

    NZ$27.00 inc GST
    16 variations

    Wool and the Gang makes Feeling Good from 70% baby alpaca yarn sustainably sourced from remote Andean communities. It is surprisingly durable. And, oh, did we mention its touchability also lives up to its name? Wanna feel good on the inside and outside? Wool and the Gang’s Feeling Good yarn is super soft. But thanks…

  • Zealana Cozi Sock Yarn

    Zealana | Cozi Sock

    NZ$18.00 inc GST
    10 variations

    Zealana Cozi is the perfect yarn for when your toes need a little warm luxury without pinching your pocketbook. If you want to knit socks that will give the wearer a little jolt of comfy joy whenever they put them on, this is the yarn you’ve been searching for. It promises high performance luxury without the high price.

  • Juniper Moon | Moonshine

    Juniper Moon Farm | Moonshine

    NZ$39.00 inc GST
    18 variations

    Brand: Juniper Moon Farm Weight / ply: 10 ply / worsted Ball size: 100 g Metres (yards): 180 m (197 yards) Fibre: 40% wool, 40% alpaca, 20% silk Gauge: 21-24 st over 10cm Needles: 3.75 – 4.5 mm Structure: single spun Colour type: solid, slight heathering in some colours Care: hand wash only Fibre origin: Argentina With luxury, softness, shine, drape, Moonshine lives up…