• HiyaHiya Panda Point Protectors

    HiyaHiya | Panda Point Protectors

    $11.00 inc GST

    These cute Panda Point Protectors fit all common needle sizes and will protect the sharp end of your needles. Each panda holds a different colour sock. We select them at random, but if you want a specific colour please let us know in order notes and we will try to oblige! Have you ever put…

  • Clover | Pompom Maker

    $11.00$22.00 inc GST

    Clover Pompom Makers make it easy and fun to get perfect pom poms every time! Check out our video tutorial here. These amazing tools come in two sets, each with two sizes. The small gets you pompoms of 35 or 45 mm, and larger makes pompoms at 65 or 85 mm! Something for crafters of…

  • Polystyrene Wreath Forms

    Polystyrene Wreath Form

    $6.00$12.00 inc GST

    For all your pompom and other wreath needs! These wreath forms are flat backed and made from polystyrene which makes them light and easy to hang. Absolutely perfect for pompom wreaths for all seasons, but you can decorate these in a huge variety of other ways! The only limit is your creativity. These come in…

  • Hiyahiya Sheep Needle Gauge

    HiyaHiya | Sheep Needle Gauge

    $9.50 inc GST

    Need to check your needle sizes before you grab the wrong needle and become the black sheep of your knitting group? Don’t be baa-shful – this needle gauge will get you sorted. This sturdy HiyaHiya Sheep Needle Gauge is exactly what ewe need, and it’s a shear delight to use. There’s mutton better for measuring…

  • KnitPro Point Protectors

    KnitPro | Point Protectors

    $5.00 inc GST

    KnitPro point protectors keep your needle tips safe and stop your stitches from falling off your knitting needles. They’ll also keep you from stabbing your knitting bag…and keep sneaky knitting bag snoops from stabbing themselves! These brightly coloured, soft, pliable cone-shaped protectors are easy to spot in your notions bag and easy to use. These…

  • knitpro needle gauge

    KnitPro | Needle Gauge

    $5.00 inc GST

    Not sure what sizes your needles are? The KnitPro needle gauge goes from 2 mm to 12 mm (US size 0 to 17) and its compact design fits neatly into your notions bag. One side shows measurements in metric, the other shows measurements in US sizing. No matter which measurement you’re using, you’re covered! Now…

  • symfonie cable needles

    KnitPro | Symfonie Cable Needles

    $13.50 inc GST

    Knitpro’s gorgeous Sympfonie line continues with their excellent Symfonie Cable Needles. Each pack has 3.25mm x 7.5cm, 4.00mm x 8.1cm and 5.50 x 10cm needles. If your next project involves cabling, these cable needles will save you much frustration. They hold the stitches you aren’t currently using. They are so much easier to use than…

  • Knitpro Stitch Holders

    KnitPro | Stitch Holders Packet of 3

    $7.00 inc GST

    KnitPro stitch holders are exactly the tool you need to hold open stitches as you’re in the middle of the project. Say goodbye to trying to thread scrap yarn or dental floss through your stitches! These smooth aluminum stitch holders come in three different sizes, and will hold your stitches open until you are ready…

  • KnitPro Circular Needle Protectors

    KnitPro | Circular Needle Protectors

    $24.00 inc GST

    Keep your circular needles and your project safe with these amazing KnitPro Circular Needle Protectors. They are brightly coloured and will also prevent your project from slipping off the needle. Pack of three 170 mm long tubes for needle sizes up to 5.50 mm diameter Brightly coloured so you can find your needles in your…

  • Knitpro Repair Hooks

    KnitPro | Repair Hooks

    $15.00 inc GST

    We know you don’t make mistakes! But if you ever do, Knitpro Repair Hooks will help you fix them. These nifty tools are versatile and useful for all sorts of repairs! Laminated birch wood repair hooks Hook on one side and needle on the other Convenient size for easy storage Repair fallen and dropped stitches…

  • The Yarn Queen | Wooden Notions Dish

    $23.00 inc GST

    This beautiful wooden notions dish was designed by The Yarn Queen and hand turned from sustainably sourced wood in Wainuiomata, Wellington, NZ. At 7.5 cm x 2.0 cm, it fits in the palm of your hand or on the arm of your couch. It is flat bottomed for stability, and has gently sloping sides, making…

  • Unwind and Knit With Me - Large stitch holders

    Unwind and Knit With Me | Silicone Stitch Holders

    $21.00 inc GST

    Do you need to put some stitches on hold, or maybe put them on a longer cable to try an item on? Annoyed with how fiddly it is to thread them on to waste yarn? These silcone stitch holders may be just what you are looking for. To use, insert the tip of one of…

  • Clover | Jumbo cable needles, j-shaped

    Clover | Jumbo Cable Needles

    $8.00 inc GST

    Love the effect and speed of working with chunky yarn, and want to add cables to your creations? This two-pack of jumbo j-shaped cable needles is the tool you need. There are two stitch holders, made from plastic. The smaller works alongside needles sized from 8mm to 10 mm, and the larger works alongside needles…

  • KnitPro aluminium cable needles

    KnitPro | Aluminium Cable Needles, Cranked Shape

    $6.00 inc GST

    Cables are a wonderful textural addition to knitting, and cable needles are a great way to make cabling much easier. These aluminium cable needles are  smooth and lightweight, so that your stitches glide on and off easily. The crank shape gives a bend in the centre that holds stitches in place. These needles have well…