• knitpro wool needles

    KnitPro | Wool Needles

    NZ$5.50 inc GST

    Yarn too thick for the needle, but a thicker needle won’t go through the button hole? These amazing wool needles solve the problem, ensuring you can finish your knits with the perfect buttons! Tapestry needles made of aluminium Blunt ends to avoid injury while sewing knitted projects Three sizes, perfect for all yarn types Cable…

  • Hiyahiya | Darn It yarn darning Needles

    Hiyahiya | Darn It Yarn Darning Needles

    NZ$7.00 inc GST

    If you sew together knitted garments, or want to darn your ends in, you need yarn darning needles! These Darn It yarn darning needles from Hiyahiya are lightweight and have a handy crooked point for easier darning. Made from coloured aluminium, these needles come as a pack of three assorted colours. If you’re a beginner…

  • Knitpro | Teal Darning NeedlesKnitpro | Teal Darning Needles

    KnitPro | Teal Darning Needles – Mindful Collection

    NZ$18.50 inc GST

    Seaming and weaving in ends is often people’s least favourite knitting and crochet task. Make it beautiful and mindful with these stunning teal darning needles. This set contains 2 large and 2 small needles that will hand most of your sewing needs. These needles are made from high-density teal-coloured wood, and come in a reusable,…

  • Clover | Bamboo Marking Pins

    NZ$19.00 inc GST

    These bamboo marking pins are perfect for pinning seamed garments for knitting. Bigger than regular pins but still fine enough to slide between your stitches, they don’t disappear in your work. These make seaming so much easier, and let’s be honest – for most of us it is our least favourite part of the project!…