• WATG | Daydream blanketWATG | Daydream blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Daydream Blanket Kit

    $126.00 inc GST

    What can you do with six colours? You can make a rainbow! Or choose whatever colour combination you want – soothing neutrals, soft pastels, or try an ombré effect! This crochet kit is suitable for absolute beginners, and being made from Shiny Happy Cotton it is great for working on when the weather is warmer….

  • WATG | Wrap Up Blanket - on bedWATG | Wrap Up Blanket - closeup

    Wool and the Gang | Wrap Up Blanket Kit

    $240.00 inc GST

    Fast, warm and stylish? Make your house your home and learn the basics of knitting with super cosy blanket you stitched yourself. Mix and match colours to create something uniquely you. If you are a brand new knitter this project will give you lots of chance to learn the basics, and if you are already…

  • WATG | Cosy Little Blanket - Pink multiWATG | Cosy Little Blanket - Pink multi

    Wool and the Gang | Cosy Little Blanket Kit

    $174.00 inc GST

    Unbelievably soft, irresistibly squishy, fabulously contemporary, and suitable even for absolute beginners; this ultra cosy Alpachino Merino blanket exceeds all expectations. With three colour block stripes and good old garter stitch, you can make this work with any decor, and it makes movie night so much more comfy! For the pink sample, you will get…

  • WATG | Large Wrap Up BlanketWATG | Large Wrap Up Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Large Wrap Up Blanket Kit

    $480.00 inc GST

    Serving some serious big blanket energy, this mega chunky, easy-level knit looks just as good as its cosiness feels. It’s the big sis of the original Wrap Up Blanket, and has the same stripy vibe, so you can mix-up your three fave shades and stitch something woolly unique, and it is large enough to share!…

  • WATG | Koselig BlanketWATG | Koselig Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Koselig Blanket Kit

    From: $400.00 inc GST

    Chunky? Textured? On-trend? A bit more challenging to keep you entertained? The Koselig herringbone-stitch blanket is here for you. Make your couch even more inviting for power naps at look forward to casually mentioning that you made it when people exclaim over your stylish throw. Difficulty rating Intermediate level kit Fibre art type Knitting Sizing…

  • WATG | Here Comes The SunWATG | Here Comes The Sun

    Wool and the Gang | Here Comes The Sun Blanket Kit

    $336.00 inc GST

    Have you fallen in love with the crocheted-granny-square craze sweeping fashion and homewares? Take that trend and run with it with the crocheted suns in this intermediate crochet kit. It’s cute enough for a cot blanket, retro enough for living rooms and boho enough to wear it as a wrap – and on trend for…

  • WATG | Feeling Good BlanketWATG | Feeling Good Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Feel Good Blanket Kit

    $162.00 inc GST

    Why simply be warm, when you can be wrapped in the softest, fluffiest cloud? Upgrade your duvet days with this beginner knitting kit, stitched with oh so touchable Feeling Good Yarn, so it’s light as a feather, indulgent, and cosy like you wouldn’t believe – and suitable for beginners! The design is 6 stripes of…

  • WATG | Antonio BlanketWATG | Antonio Blanket

    Wool and the Gang | Antonio Blanket Kit

    $126.00 inc GST

    Got a beautiful boho blanket on your to-stitch list, suitable for summer? Meet Antonio. This is an easy level crochet kit, designed with three tones of Shiny Happy Cotton, and ideal for draping on your bed, on the couch, or over your shoulders – or take it with you when you picnic! And being cotton,…

  • WATG | Almost Home Blanket - Cornflower BlueWATG | Almost Home Blanket - Cornflower Blue

    Wool and the Gang | Almost Home Blanket Kit

    $261.00 inc GST

    This blanket is deceptively simple, with the intricate-looking texture achieved with a simple combination of knit and purl stitches. This cosy and modern blanket will keep you warm on cool nights because it is made from Alpachino Merino, which is so snuggly and soft you may never want to leave your couch again. Difficulty rating…