• Clover | Pom Pom Maker

    NZ$11.00NZ$25.00 inc GST
    4 variations

    Clover Pom Pom Makers make it easy and fun to get perfect pom poms every time! Check out our video tutorial here. These amazing tools come in two sets, each with two sizes. The small gets you pompoms of 35 or 45 mm, and larger makes pompoms at 65 or 85 mm! Something for crafters…

  • Clover | Bamboo Marking Pins

    NZ$19.00 inc GST

    These bamboo marking pins are perfect for pinning seamed garments for knitting. Bigger than regular pins but still fine enough to slide between your stitches, they don’t disappear in your work. These make seaming so much easier, and let’s be honest – for most of us it is our least favourite part of the project!…

  • Clover | Jumbo cable needles, j-shaped

    Clover | Jumbo Cable Needles

    NZ$8.00 inc GST

    Love the effect and speed of working with chunky yarn, and want to add cables to your creations? This two-pack of jumbo j-shaped cable needles is the tool you need. There are two stitch holders, made from plastic. The smaller works alongside needles sized from 8mm to 10 mm, and the larger works alongside needles…