• Yoka Hatta | Small Knits

    $30.00 inc GST

    With a contemporary approach to traditional knitting patterns and textures, Small Knits brings to life a collection of stylish necessities for warmth and fashion. From selbu mittens to unisex hats and neckwarmers-these pieces work for just about any mood, recipient and wardrobe. In this book, you’ll find instructions and photos for 19 charming projects, plus…

  • Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyos Kazekobo Studio

    Yoko Hatta | Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo’s Kazekobo Studio

    $33.00 inc GST

    This exciting new Japanese stitch dictionary is from popular designer Yoko Hatta the founder and driving force behind the Kazekobo Studio. Though this is her first book in English, her work already has an extensive following in Western countries and more than 1,000 of her designs can be seen on Ravelry.com. Hatta is one of…