“These yarns are kiwi as, bro!”

New Zealand yarns are great because our country produces some of the highest quality wool in the world. It’s not just because the sheep get to look at our gorgeous views all day. The wool industry here holds itself to a high standard. And we have local yarn producers that love to show that high quality wool off!

Uniquely New Zealand Yarns: Possum Wool

Some New Zealand fibre producers also create added softness by making yarns with possum fibres, a uniquely New Zealand fibre that is renowned in the country for both its softness and warmth. Possum fibre is 55% warmer than merino, less likely to pill and is lighter-weight due to its hollow core. It even has anti-static qualities, which makes it amazing to work with. 

And when you use possum wool, you are helping New Zealand’s environment. Possums are an invasive species introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s. They eat the eggs and chicks of endangered New Zealand birds and destroy native forests. New Zealand has no predators to hold the possums back, so trappers have had to go to work to reduce their population so native birds like the kiwi can be saved. When you buy possum wool, you’re supporting their work and making a choice that increases the sustainability of New Zealand’s ecosystem.

What Defines a New Zealand Yarn?

Is a yarn a New Zealand yarn if it is spun in New Zealand, but out of imported fibre? What if the fibres are produced in New Zealand and it’s spun here, but the actual yarn company has headquarters in another country? We had long discussions about this, and realized that everyone’s criteria are different. So, rather than creating a narrow definition or imposing our personal definition on others, we have created filters based on each of these criteria, so you can choose what means a New Zealand yarn to you.

Our Uniquely New Zealand Yarns

We’re proud to carry several New Zealand yarns that are beautiful, touchable, and made to the highest quality. If you want to create something that is truly unique, start with one of these.

New Zealand Grown Fibre

Spun in New Zealand

New Zealand Owned Business

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