HiyaHiya has been creating innovative and fun fibre arts tools since Qianer Huang created the Interchangeable Straight Needle in 2012. And with their latest scissors, they’ve outdone themselves on the “fun” factor! 

Gorgeous, sparkly, artsy, and sharp Hiyahiya scissors combine high-quality steel with creative fun to make every snip a pleasure. These iridescent rainbow scissors will delight you whenever you have a strand to cut.

Unicorn Rainbow Scissors

HiyaHiya Unicorn Rainbow Scissors

As the saying goes, “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then be a unicorn.” And if you can’t be a unicorn, you should at least have a unicorn in your sewing kit. These sparkly unicorn scissors are 13.3 centimeters long and will make you feel like a medieval heroine whenever you cut your fibres.

Art Deco Rainbow Scissors

Hiyahiya Art Deco Rainbow Scissors

Do you want to feel even more like Galadriel as you knit, crochet, or make lace? These HiyaHiya scissors are calling your name! The art deco design incorporates a leaf pattern that echoes Rivendell. They are 10.5 centimeters long and the perfect accessory if you want your knitting crew to ask, “Where did you get those?”

Guitar Rainbow Scissors

Hiyahiya Guitar Rainbow Scissors

Knitters and crocheters rock out too! If you’ve ever considered yarnbombing a Stratocaster, then take a look at this baby. This pair of scissors is the perfect accessory if you plan to compete in Finland’s next Heavy Metal Knitting World Championships. They’re 11.5 centimeters of pure rock-and-roll rainbow scissor sexiness. 

Butterfly Rainbow Scissors

Hiyahiya Butterfly Rainbow Scissors

It’s as if they designed it to pair with the epic Papillon Shawl pattern. At a petite 9.2 centimeters, these delicate-looking yet sturdy HiyaHiya scissors will slip right into your knit kit. And they’re so bright and shiny that you’ll never, ever find yourself searching for your scissors when it’s time to snip. 

Stocked up on scissors, but looking for other glam fibre arts tools? Step right this way — we have some that might suit!

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