We’re not sure who came up with the very first pocket scarf, but we owe them a debt of gratitude. Pocket scarves keep our hands warm and give us a place to put things in winter. If you’re looking for the perfect pocket scarf pattern to knit, we’ve listed some of our favourites along with who they’re best for.

Free Patterns

Best Scarf for Beginners

pocket scarf patterns

The Giana Shawl

The Giana Shawl: This pocket scarf is a shawl width, but ChristaCo Designs notes that it can be styled as a scarf. This pattern is free and amazingly easy to boot! So if you’re a beginner looking to knit something a little more interesting, you may have found your project. She recommends a chunky weight yarn, and our favourite for this would be Alpachino Merino

Best Pocket Scarf to Put Your Whole Heart Into

Scarf with heart pockets

Scarf With Heart Pockets

Scarf with Heart Pockets: Kirstie McLeod designed this sweet scarf with hearts on the pockets. It calls for super-chunky yarn, and we’d recommend Crazy Sexy Wool, which will play well with the stitches in this one.

Best Free Pattern for Making People Say, “You Made That?”

Cable pocket scarf

The Lazy Pocket Cable Scarf

The Lazy Cable Pocket Scarf: The cabling on this scarf designed by Donna Konig is eye-catching and is likely to get many comments. Even better, the pattern is free on Ravelry! The pattern uses a worsted weight yarn, so again if you want a traditional colouration, we’d recommend Kauri or Loyal. If you want to add some colour transformations, we’d recommend Monokrom or Uneek

Best Pocket Scarf with Subtle Intrigue

Kangaroo scarf

Kanga(roo) Scarf

Kanga(roo) Scarf: If you look closely at this photo, you’ll see that each side of the scarf is knitted in a different pattern, which makes it even more intriguing than it was at first glance. Designer Peggy Allegra recommends a worsted weight yarn with this. If you want a traditional colouration, we’d recommend Kauri or Loyal. If you’re going to layer some intriguing colour changes on top of the pattern changes, we’d recommend Monokrom or Uneek

Best Scarf With Irish Flair

Hooded Pocket Scarf

Hooded Pocket Scarf: Nikki from Nikki in Stitches was inspired to design this scarf after a trip to Ireland. It dates back to 2009, which makes it one of the earlier patterns out there. This has some complicated purling and increases, so make sure to read the pattern before you begin. We’d recommend Zealana Tui for this project.

Paid Patterns

Best Substitute for a Cardigan

Vogue hooded pocket scarf

Hooded Pocket Scarf

Hooded Pocket Scarf: Not only does this scarf have pockets, but it also has a hood! And better yet, it’s designed for Zealana Air Chunky yarn, which is the most luxurious yarn we carry at The Yarn Queen. It’s perfect if you work in an office that is chilly in winter (or ice-cold with aircon in summer).

Best for the Knitter who Loves to Embroider

Pocket Scarf With Embroidery

Pocket Scarf With Embroidery

Pocket Scarf with Embroidery: This pattern by Marie-Jose Helle uses DK weight yarn, which means you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fibre options! It’s unique among these patterns because after you knit the scarf, you make it, even more, your own, with a bit of embroidery!

Best Use of Diamond Cabling

Pocket scarf with cabling

Diamond Cable Scarf With Pockets

Diamond Cabled Scarf with Pockets: This scarf by Marriana Designs would be a beauty even without the pockets. The diamond cables set it apart. It uses DK weight yarn, and the pockets will keep your hands warm and carry all those little things you want to bring with you.

Best for The One That Wants It All

Trifecta hooded pocket scarf

Trifecta Cable Knit Hooded Scarf With Pockets

Trifecta Cable Knit Hooded Scarf With Pockets: This scarf has everything. Do you want cables? This pattern has cables galore! Do you want a hood? This one is perfectly shaped. Want to keep your hands warm? That’s what the pockets are for! Designer Lauren Riker recommends two strands of aran held together to make a bulky weight yarn for this pattern, and we’d suggest Zealana Tui.

9 Pocket Scarf Patterns you'll fall in love with: 5 of them are free Pinterest pin

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