These nine gifts make great stocking stuffers, gifts for your coworker who’s into fibre arts, or something for a gift swap. Or a little treat for yourself while you’re shopping for everyone else in your life!

100% that stitch enamel pin
100% that stitch

Enamel Pins: These adorable, witty enamel pins are a great little way for someone to show off their love of fibre arts to the world. They’re also great conversation starters!

Hiyahiya Sheep Needle Gauge
Hiyahiya Sheep Needle Gauge

HiyaHiya Sheep Needle Gauge: Feeling a bit sheepish because you’re not sure what gauge your knitting needles are? This cute little friend will help you get that sorted.

Hiyahiya | Unicorn Rainbow Scissors
Hiyihiya Unicorn Rainbow Scissors

Unicorn Scissors: These stainless steel scissors are designed for fine needlework, embroidery, cross stitch & quilting. They have a delightfully fine, sharp point. Your giftee will smile every time you see their beautiful rainbow finish and awesome unicorn design.

Grandma Made It Labels
Kylie and the Machine Sew-In Labels

Kylie and the Machine Sew-In Labels: Put the perfect finishing touch on handmade items with these lovely little labels. Stitch into the inside or outside of your projects to celebrate their, and your, uniqueness!

Hiyahiya Dumpling Cases
Hiyahiya Dumpling Cases

HiyaHiya Dumpling Cases: These sturdy wee cases are made of beautiful brocade and lined with coordinated satin. It’s a truly luxurious place (at a bargain price!) to store accessories and stitch markers. 

Dumpling Case with Stitchmarkers
Hiyahiya Dumpling Case with Stitch Markers

Dumpling Case and Yarn Ball Stitch Markers: Step up from the solo Dumpling Case with this package. It includes snag-free and fun stitch markers in your choice of rainbow or pink.

Rainbow Scissors
Rainbow Scissors

Rainbow Scissors: These tiny rainbow scissors are small enough to fit in your kit, sharp enough to cut your fibres, and pretty enough that everyone will ask, “Oooo, where did you get those?”

Panda Point Protectors
Panda Point Protectors

Hiyahiya Panda Point Protectors: Protect your needle points with the power of panda adorableness! These come in two sizes to fit most standard needle sizes.

Octopus Snips
Hiyahiya Octopus Snips

Hiyahiya Octopus Snips: What’s tiny enough to fit on your keychain, has eight tentacles, and will snip anything you need to cut when you’re knitting in public? These snips! Available in kitty, puppy and sleepy kitty too!

If you’re looking for a few more last-minute stocking stuffers, check our Tools and Accessories and Jewellery and Housewares sections!

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