There’s nothing quite so wonderful as watching someone open up a gift that you’ve made for them, lift it out of the box, and then pet it and cuddle it like it was their favorite kitten. If you want to make something luxuriously soft that your recipient will never want to take off, we’ve got lots of lovely luxury knitted gift ideas for you. 

Luxury Zealana Air Chunky yarn

All of our ideas below use Zealana Air Chunky yarn, which is simply the most luxurious yarn that we carry. It’s soft and feather-light and a lovely indulgence for that person who is truly worth it. And as an added treat, it is chunky so it knits up quickly, perfect for last-minute luxury gifts, and because it is so light the meterage is very generous – you can get a lot of these out of only one ball!.

Luxury Mitts Knitting Patterns

Luxury Knitted Gift: Zealana Chocolati Mitts
Zealana Chocolati Mitts

Speckled Mitts: This pattern from Modern Renaissance Knitwear is especially perfect if you have a lot of leftover yarn you’re looking to use. It’s been designed so that you can change the contrast colour every few rows if you choose, which would make them even more vibrant and interesting.

Chocolati Mitts: Created by Zealana specifically for use with Chunky Air yarn, these mitts are gorgeous, warm, and easy to knit up.

Diagonal Mitts: Vogue Knitting has this pattern for very fashionable mitts that are a bit more complex to knit. You’ll love the sharply defined diagonals.

Luxury Hat Knitting Patterns

Zealana Air Hat

Zealana Air Hat: With sharply defined cabling, this hat is far more stylish than your standard simple beanie. The knit is tight enough to keep anyone’s head warm in the depth of winter.

Bowline Beanie: If your giftee loves subtlety as much as luxury, this pattern is perfect. At first glance it seems like a simple beanie, but a closer look reveals an intriguing pattern.

Waffle Stitch Slouchy Hat: This is the cutest slouchy hat we’ve seen in a while. The stitch and slouch deliver drama without sacrificing warmth. And if you choose to add the pompom to the end, check out our pompom guide for tips!

Luxury Wrap Knitting Patterns

Chunky Wrap: This oversize wrap is perfect for the high-fashion luxury-lover in your life – or the person who you know craves style and warmth in equal measure. The deep ribs are eye-catching, and the closures you choose will make it truly unique.

Hooded Pocket Scarf: Ladies, this is the perfect luxury knitted gift for someone you love (like yourself). It has all the things we are frequently denied as women, namely a hood and pockets. If your giftee is a teacher or works in an office that is chilly in winter (or ice-cold with aircon in summer), they are likely to grab this with both hands as soon as they see it.

Did we miss anything? Give us your favorite luxury knitting patterns in comments!

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