We don’t normally read runway reports. But when we heard crochet was everywhere we had to take a peek. And we don’t normally think of dressing like runway models. But when we saw what designers were showing this year, we thought it might be fun to make some of our own haute couture.

Your favourite fibre craft has become the top runway trend from New York to Milan. It has been shown in season after season and it’s not going away anytime soon. Crochet is once again considered haute couture. It’s being used everywhere, from cardigans to hats to handbags to bikinis to pants that look like they might have re-used the squares from Grandma’s old afghan.

We may not be famous enough to show our work on Paris’s runways, but we’ve found some crochet patterns that echo the biggest trends right now. While some of these are summery, with a base layer they become a year-round wardrobe staple. (And, as we all know, if you actually want a project done in time for summer, the best time to start is either now or the last week of November.)

Best of all, when you make it yourself, you can make it with the colours that suit you best! And if someone asks, “Who are you wearing?” you can tell them, “I’m wearing ME!”

Free Handbag Crochet Pattern

Granny Square Market Bag

The Granny Square Market Bag pattern echoes several bags that have been all over fashion magazines in 2021. The current trend calls for rich, vibrant colour, which is why we recommend Urth Yarns Harvest DK.

The Ladies' Shopping Bag by Posh Pooch Designs

This year’s other trend for crocheted handbags is handheld with bright stripes. The Ladies’ Shopping Bag by Posh Pooch Designs fits the bill, and there’s even a crochet-along that has just finished up that you can review! She suggests four-ply yarn, and we’d suggest Urth Yarns Monokrom Worsted for its bold, vibrant colour.

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Free Crochet Dress Patterns

This year’s crochet dress runway styles went from knee-length to floor-dusting. What they all had in common was a defined waist (either in the crochet itself or belted) and a slight to substantial open weave. When you crochet these patterns over the winter you can warm yourself with thoughts of the summer days when you’ll wear them!

Crochet Poncho Dress by Wilmade

The Crochet Poncho Dress by Wilmade is simple enough for a beginner and is precisely on-trend. While the pattern was originally designed for a bulky mostly-acrylic yarn, we’d recommend giving it a runway-worthy materials upgrade by using Zealana Tui.

The belted Everyday Maxi Dress by OTH Crochet Hook would fit right in Dior’s Summer 2021 collection, which featured several variations of loose crocheted maxi dresses cinched in with a belt. She recommends DK weight yarn and we’d pick Urth Yarns Harvest DK for a great 100% merino.

Fleur dress by Cassie Crafts

The Fleur dress by Cassie Crafts is a more body-conscious take on the open-weave dress. It has a defined waist, an open weave and highlights the other hot trend from the fashion runways: granny squares. She recommends one of our favourite workhorse yarns, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream.

Free Crochet Shirt and Sweater Patterns

Granny Square Sweater pattern by Ideal Me

Granny squares were all over the runway this year like your favourite afghan is all over your couch (and your lap) in the winter. This free Granny Square Sweater crochet pattern from Ideal Me looks like it stepped right off the runway. At the same time, it’s practical enough to fit your everyday wardrobe. Wool and the Gang’s Shiny Happy Cotton would be perfect for this project.

lacy summer top by wan

This Lacy Summer Top by Wan from Knitcroaddict may not seem winter-friendly. Gut layer it with a wool undershirt and it can become a year-round fashion statement. She recommends a sport weight yarn. We think Moeke’s Elena yarn, made in the Romanian minimally processed tradition, would give the stitch definition this calls for.

Hepatica Granny Top by Anna

The Hepatica Granny top by Anna combines a lot of runway trends. It’s cropped, it has a halter and it uses granny squares. She recommends DK weight yarn. We think Wool and the Gang’s Buddy Hemp is the perfect cool, breezy cotton/hemp blend for this pattern.

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