You may have read our article about three easy ways to make pompoms, including a walkthrough of how to use the Clover pompom maker. (If not, bookmark it for these projects!) If you want some Christmas decoration ideas to go with those techniques, here’s 18 different Christmas decorations you can make with all those pompoms you create!


Yarn Pompom and Ornament Garland

Festive Pompom Garland: This is a very simple, basic pompom garland tutorial. Depending on the colourways you choose, the garland can be themed for Christmas or any other festive event.

Yarn Pompom and Ornament Garland: Add some glitter to your garland with this clever tutorial that combines pompom with shatter-proof sparkly tree ornaments. While the example is in tan for a contemporary look, you can choose colours that match your colour scheme.

Pompom Christmas Light Garland: If you want the feeling of Christmas lights but don’t have enough outlets to plug any more in, these are a fun and fuzzy alternative that uses black yarn for the light base.

Ornament and Christmas Gift Decoration

Fluffy Gnome Pompom Ornaments
Fluffy Gnome Pompom Ornaments

Pompom Penguins and Pompom Snowmen: We went “awwww!” as soon as we saw these, and we bet you will too. You can break them out again for the first day of winter or the beginning of little blue penguin breeding season.

Pompom Sheep Ornament: This absolutely adorable ornament feels like an especially Kiwi way to decorate your tree.

Reindeer Pompoms: This article includes templates for reindeer antlers in two sizes, as well as for reindeer noses and bunting with reindeer names. These can be strung on garlands, used as Christmas ornaments, and also used to decorate a Christmas gift. (This pompom reindeer also has ears and antlers made of yarn.)

Wee Little Gnome Pompom Ornaments: These are so very cute, and the hats offer a great chance to exercise your embroidery or fabric painting skills.


Christmas Stocking with Pompom Decorations: This combines sewing, embroidery, fabric painting and pompoms for a unique Christmas stocking.

Personalized Christmas Stockings: This uses pompoms and sequin string to decorate the stocking.

Throw Pillows

Christmas Tree Pom-Pom Pillow: Get out your glue gun for this one! You’ll need a plain cushion cover, a ribbon or piece of fabric for the tree trunk, and also lots of green pompoms. This pattern was recently updated and refined, and is even prettier than when we first wrote this article!


These wreaths use a wreath form as a base. If you need a wreath form, you can find one right here.

DIY Pompom Wreath: This wreath concept can be used for any season, depending on which colourways you choose. Because it requires a lot of pompoms, it’s also a great one for the whole family to do together. It took Tasha of Kaleidoscope Living and her family 11 days to make! 

Centerpiece and Table Christmas Decoration

Sticks and Pompoms centerpiece: If you never thought “pompom” and “elegant” could appear in the same sentence, click over to this tutorial. It’s shown with Christmas-appropriate colourways, but it may give you ideas for year-round decorations.

Pompom Snowman: Three cheers for a snowman that won’t melt in the summer heat! You’ll also get the chance to knit him an adorable little scarf.

Pompom Christmas Trees

Realistic Pompom Christmas Tree Christmas Decoration
Medium Pompom Christmas Tree

Pompom Christmas Tree (small): Stack several pompoms of decreasing size on top of each other to make this tree.

Pompom Christmas Tree (medium): You’ll need to make a cardboard cone as the form for this elegant-looking pompom Christmas tree.

Pompom Christmas Tree (large): You’ll need a foam Christmas tree form for this one. It’s a fun project to do with kids, and you’ll have a decoration you can use year after year.

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